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Making Sex Education More Engaging!



It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

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“Sex Education is not like a One-Size-Fits-All

educational concept.”

'Baking the Bun' is a Sex educational platform helping bridge the gap between

caregivers and children.


Is it difficult to initiate the topic?

Does it feel awkward and embarrassing?

Don't know what is age appropriate?

Don't worry it's as simple as baking!!

 'The sex talk' should be comfortable and fun, like a dining table conversation.

Using baking as a metaphor we are trying to remove the heavy baggage of scientific words and taboo revolving around sex and sexuality without compromising on the accuracy and appropriateness of the content and context.


 You Need Us?

Through an extensive research we found that -

"Physical space is more intimate: people feel connected and comfortable.There is a sense of safety and familiarity."

Lisa Mathew (35, Mother of 2)


Sex education must also start early. We need to start talking to young people about healthy relationships way before they become sexually active

Alex Simson (45, Father of 1)


“Parents are a major influencer of adolescents, but the interaction scale depends on the relationship.

Eric Jones (28, New Parent)


do we offer?

Baking the Bun offers a wide range of products and services to fit to individual needs. Starting from a comprehensive course which caregivers and children take together throughout their growing up years. Materials and games to help parents talk and explain sex and sexuality to children.

Sex education is a comprehensive understanding of genders and human body. To understand one's body, its functions and embrace it, it is imperative to start educating children from a very tender age and should continue and deepen throughout the growing years of an individual.

We aim at providing interactive and engaging sessions for caregivers and children with age appropriate icebreakers and activities around Sex Education.

Throughout the workshops we will be covering a range of common topics to ensure all are at the same page.

The common topics covered are:

  • Safety

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Understanding your Body

  • Consent

  • Helplines 

Identify Ingredients
Blend Ingredients
Add Spices

Taste them all

This is for Potential Caregivers who would like to subscribe for all the workshops to start and maintain a strong bond and a tone of open conversation when it comes to sex education, from the very beginning with their children.

Suite your appetite

This is for the Caregivers who would like to sign up for any one workshop depending on their and their child's needs and requirements regarding sex education.

Make it fresh

This is for the caregivers who would like to sign up for the workshops that are important according to them for their child’s sex education. The package and number of workshops can be customized depending on their needs and requirements.

Don't be

"the  piffy on a rock bun" 

* Conspicuous but ignored or left out, especially from a group or activity.

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